So What Does a Management Consultant Actually Do?

We’ve all heard of business and management consultants. It may be in the context of a specific industry or often in a much broader context. Management consultants may vary in how they approach their role with each client but essentially management consultants are high level ‘problems solvers’.

For those more complex management areas of any business, a management consultant will work with leaders of the business in the improvement of overall performance and operations. Their expertise is in those areas of a business that can often impede leaders from doing ‘what they do best’ and can eliminate areas of high risk to a business when mismanaged, for example, human resources management.

Some management consulting firms will specialise in a particular industry or areas of expertise. This allows for industry specific solutions on all project areas encompassing HR, Operations, Business Development, Business and Facilities administration. The result is a well-honed solution, focussed on the needs of that business or service area. It eliminates the “cookie cutter”, “one size fits all” approach that just doesn’t work for all businesses. In fact, management consultants are akin to providing a “first aid kit” of business solutions in working with clients.

Business management consultants will work on a few projects at a time, listening and working closely with the needs of their clients. This will involve meeting with key employees and gathering information and data from client organisations to make fully informed recommendations and work-out solutions. Consultants travel and meet with their clients, often working on-site much of the time and off-site. It involves taking the time to listen and understand those key elements involved. Interviewing employees, presenting information and convincing key players of those recommendations is nothing less of organisational psychology!

Core Business Consultants is an industry specific management consulting firm, specialising in professional services firms. In finding logical business solutions that best fit the client and its business management needs, their expertise will deliver outcomes for your business that save time and generate value.